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is missing the feel of rubber

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so just wanted to let you all know that I'm actually back up in Toronto nowadays and have been focusing on training to be a hairstylist for pretty much the better part of the last 2 years. Modeling has been put waaaaaaayyyy back on the backburner since moving back up from LA and at present I'm just about finished the hair cutting schooling and will be setting up in a salon soon. So for yet another few months, as I get settled into the new career, I'm not going to have anything uber exciting to add up here but looking forward to getting back into the shooting side of things both in front of the lens and on the otherside in the styling context sooner than later. In general though I need to get back in touch with all my toronto peeps! how many of you are still on this thing?

bah...I'll just use the new phangled facebook thingy instead !)

it's been so long
it's been too long

itchy typing fingers have been falling short of a satisfying scratch for a very long time
and by looking back at the last post, it's been a very very very long time indeed

damn it
damn it all

is this thing still on?!?

please help!
I've been away from livejournal for a while, I have come back on to keep up with a very disturbing situation that is happening to a very undeserving person. My friend _yungfuktoi_'s partner has been unjustly imprisoned in Dubai for carrying melatonin on him when entering the country. He is lookng at possibly 4 years in prison for an over the counter drug that can be purchased anywhere in Dubai. More info anf updates can be found on her lj, here's the initial rundown:

URGENT SITUATION please read and pass along

On Saturday, my best friend and partner, Cat Le-huy (aka Diz) was arrested at Dubai Airport for having melatonin on his person, an over-the-counter jet lag aid. They stripped him, submitted him to urine testing, forced him to sign documents in Arabic, which he didn't understand. During the searched the literally scraped the bottom of his bag for fragments of dirt which
they are now alleging is 'hashish'.

He now faces four years in Dubai prison for 'drug smuggling'.

He is totally innocent of all charges, but in Dubai there is no 'due process'. We need your help to collect as many signatures as possible, and if there is anything you feel you can do to help us
secure his release we would be so grateful.

Full story
On Coilhouse
On boingboing
On Warren Ellis
Evening Standard

The Register
The Daily Record
BBC World Service interview with both me and Fair Trials International (38 minutes in)
Complete list of publications here

Regular updates on his situation will be posted on my

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know, and I'm both overwhelmed and humbled by the support we've been given. Thank you so

- Mildred

death becomes us
I've smelt death today...in fact I got to stare intently at it for a few moments. They say the smell of a dead body is like nothing else, but strangely the smell is familiar, though I can't place it.

An older man in the apartment complex here passed away what must have been several days ago. Passed away in a chair right next to his window which happens to be next to the laundry room. Someone doing their laundry caught the smell, realized it was from the apartment and called in the police. I was lucky enough to just happen to come down the stairs when they pulled out the window screen and released a strong waft of the smell and the flies that had accumulated. Sure enough you could see the poor man leaned over in his chair right by the window, odd blotches on his face from the blood pooling, coagulating, doing whatever it is that is does in a several day old corpse.

He looked peaceful enough, like he had gone in his sleep or quickly while he had been watching tv. Long gone and sitting there waiting for the moment when another human cared enough to look and find his condition. No one around the building really knew him or noticed him coming or going daily. Had it not been for the smell, everyone would have continued milling about around him, going on with their living lives. For some, solitude is an ultimately personal choice and most people assume that to be a hermit you must get out of urban centers and away from other humans. Just goes to show how utterly alone a person can become amongst a bustling center and just how uncaring and desensitized to others the modern man has become in this hustle and bustle.

what's mine is mine and no one elses!

in principle, I'm all for the concept of a global economy. I agree with the premise of the north american union and see it as just a step towards the global goal. Hearing this gets me very excited, reading the comments that go along with this video makes me very sad. Selfish hoarding greed is being trumped as nationalism and ethnocentric racism is being paraded as patriotism. How sad that people can't see that giving up a little of their personal excess could make such a HUGE difference to people who live in such unimaginable hardship as they do in parts of mexico. It seems no one on the comment board was ever taught how to share....

so few and far between
it's been a while....

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Fashion: _yungfuktoi_

I've been excitedly anticipating the launch of http://www.coilhouse.net/ since I first heard about it and now they're finally live. Prodcued by some of the most entertaining and aesthetic minds I know, I'm looking forward to seeing each month what they scour the web and bring forth. Now I just have to wait a little longer to get my grubby little paws on the glossy paper version....

Check it out!

push on through
I'm sore as hell today from too much crow and scorpion....and in a few hours I'm going to go to my first dance class in years and make the lower half of my body hurt too....YAY for masochism


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